Hello this is Jacque here! I often repost a lot of stuff here and once in a while I will share my thoughts. Hope you enjoy! =D


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Are you really posting all these pictures everyday?? Or is your tumblr doing it for you? Lol

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Really?? Hmm I gotta watch a beer commercial again lol

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Doooood haven’t written in here for so long! Who still uses this thing?? Lol Well I’ll try to post up more stuff when I’m not busy =)

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Heey guys…..so my life may seem like it’s all gravy but it’s not. That’s why I’ve been blogging on a new website ranting and goin on about my problems….Yeah it really sucks…I try so hard to pretend everything is okay but everything is just beating me up inside..it’s crazy really…anyways, just figured I’d write a little something in here since I haven’t been on here in a while.

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Hey I miss you guys on here lol Jeremy where you been?? Lol

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Soooo I’m blogging….not on this site…but on a different site…I just started it and it’s my first tiiiime….no one will know it’s me muahaha! lol

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More Facts on Psychofacts :)

if only if only….. =P

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Sooo I have this $50 gift card to this website ok…and I really want to buy some blouses but they are really expensive! like $35 dollars…and I was hoping to buy at least 3 blouses…at the LEAST…but I guess I can’t..and I really don’t wanna spend all that money just for one dang top lol….should I just buy shoes instead? Cuz I’m in need of some new converse ha…and yes I’m talking one pair of converse…cuz that sounds more legit than wasting a gift card on 1 stupid blouse ha

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